THUNDERX3 CORE Fabric Gaming Chair - Grey

ThunderX3 CORE Fabric Gaming Chair - Grey


Elevate your gaming set up with the ThunderX3 CORE Series. The ThunderX3 CORE Loft is an elegant gaming chair with premium ergonomic features to provide ample comfort and support during all your gaming sessions. Discover six-way configuration, CORE.RDY 360 self-adjusting technology, and included accessories, all designed to enhance your comfort like never before.

Ergonomic gaming chair with sleek aesthetics
Includes adjustable headrest pillow and 3-in-1 multipurpose footrest
Six-way adjustability with SYNC6 mechanism
CORE.RDY 360 Tech for self-adjusting properties
Premium build quality
Padded 4D armrests

The ThunderX3 CORE Loft Gaming Chair has elegant style. The upholstery has a brushed effect for a sleek touch that beautifully complements the colouring. This gaming chair is grey, a soft shade that will be a sophisticated addition to any gaming set up.

The ThunderX3 CORE Loft has been engineered to provide unrivalled comfort during even the longest gaming sessions. It features a SYNC6 mechanism that allows for six-way adjustability. As a result, this gaming chair has a synchronous tilt, seat base forward tilt, multi-angle lock, four backrest resistance levels, and the seat base can be manoeuvred up, down, front, and back.

- The synchronous tilt allows the seat base and backrest to recline together at an optimal ratio, rather than at a fixed angle. This provides increased ergonomic support for your whole body and the multi-angle lock means you can set the recline to your favourite spot and lock it into place.

- The seat base forward tilt is a new feature exclusive to the ThunderX3 CORE Series. When activated, the seat base is able to tilt forward with you as you lean into your work or intense gaming session. What’s more, the seat base can be adjusted both up and down, as well as back and forth. Configure the ThunderX3 CORE Loft to best suit your gaming set up.

- In addition to this, this gaming chair is equipped with padded 4D armrests. Able to manoeuvre over four directions, you can adjust the height, depth, and angle of the armrests, as well as slide the top surface backwards and forwards.

To provide you with unrivalled comfort, the ThunderX3 CORE Loft utilises a backrest that has built-in features to enhance your sitting experience. This includes a dedicated panel within the backrest that moves independently in all directions thanks to CORE.RDY 360 tech. As a result, this gaming chair self-adjusts to your posture, a one-of-a-kind lumbar support for however you are sitting.

Setting this backrest apart further, is a pocket included on the back. Set at the bottom of the backrest, this is a convenient pocket for storing peripherals, controllers, laptops, or even snacks, all within arm’s reach.

As well as integrated features, the ThunderX3 CORE Loft has ergonomic accessories to enhance your comfort levels further. First, there is a detachable headrest pillow. This affixes to the chair via robust, elasticated straps that firmly hold their position. This semi-circular pillow is padded with soft memory foam and can be placed in the position that best suits your comfort needs. Enjoy a comfort boost that is designed to alleviate muscle ache!

The second accessory is a three-in-one, multipurpose footrest. This features a solid base and a domed cushion top, padded with firm foam and features a soft yet durable cover. There are two ways to use this as a footrest, in Footrest Mode or Rocker Mode. Footrest Mode is with the base set on the floor and your feet resting on the cushion, and this helps stimulate blood circulation as well as ensure good sitting posture. The Rocker Mode is when you place the padded side on the floor and rest your feet on the firm surface. In this mode, you can engage your lower leg muscles and feet.

The third way to use this footrest is as a wrist rest on your desk when gaming with a controller. What’s more, you can adjust the height of this footrest and let it match your exact comfort needs.

To provide a stable foundation, the ThunderX3 CORE Loft Gaming Chair is manufactured from premium materials. The frame is stainless steel to enhance durability, whilst the moulding and latex foams provide padding and support. This chair is upholstered with a leatherette woven fabric, that is incredibly breathable to keep you fresh.

The five-point base is constructed from aluminium, and each arm ends in a 75mm caster. Integrated within the base stem is a Safety Class 4 gas lift that can support up to 150kg in weight and is BIFMA X5.1 approved.

Product Number: 100118518
Product Code: TEGC-2056111.41

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