THUNDERX3 CORE PU Leather Gaming Chair - Black

ThunderX3 CORE PU Leather Gaming Chair - Black


Upgrade your gaming set up with the ThunderX3 CORE Series. The ThunderX3 CORE Modern marries sleek aesthetics and enhanced comfort features to create a stylish and supportive gaming chair. Including self-adjusting ergonomics, six-way configuration options, and accessories, this gaming chair will take your comfort levels to new heights.

Ergonomic gaming chair with self-adjusting features
Six-way configuration with SYNC6 mechanism
Padded 4D armrests, detachable headrest pillow, and multipurpose footrest
CORE.RDY 360 Tech integrated for superior lumbar support
Premium build quality for enhanced durability
Sleek aesthetics in three colourways

The ThunderX3 CORE Modern embodies the sleek aesthetic. Its solid colour panels and smooth finish make this gaming chair look like the peak of luxury. This is the black edition in a rich shade that instantly adds class to any gaming set up. The distinct lines and outlined ThunderX3 logo emphasise the contoured shape, for a truly modern twist.

Every feature on the ThunderX3 CORE Modern Gaming Chair has been crafted to provide enhanced comfort and support. The SYNC6 mechanism provides six-way adjustability, allowing you to configure this gaming chair to best meet your ergonomic needs. This includes having a synchronous tilt mechanism, seat base forward tilt, four backrest resistance levels, multi-angle locking, and a seat base that can move up, down, back, and forth.

The synchronous tilt allows the seat and backrest to move in tandem at the optimal ratio, rather than in a fixed position. This creates support for your whole body as you lean back. Plus, the recline can be locked at a range of angles, to best fit your gaming style.

The seat base forward tilt is a new feature for the ThunderX3 CORE Series. With this function, you can set the seat base to tilt forward with you as you lean into your work or intense gaming session. This helps to maintain healthy posture and improve circulation. What’s more, the seat base can be adjusted up, down, forward, and backward, to best fit in with your gaming set up.

In addition to the SYNC6 mechanism, the armrests also afford great adjustability. They are padded 4D armrests that can be manoeuvred over four directs. Change the height, depth, angle, and positioning to meet your needs.

The ThunderX3 CORE Modern Gaming Chair utilises an advanced backrest to further your comfort and convenience. Providing ample spinal support, the lumbar area of the backrest is its own dedicated panel that can move independently in any direction. This is CORE.RDY 360 Tech, a one-of-a-kind, self-adjusting lumbar support that moves with you to maintain peak comfort at all times.

What’s more, on the other side of the backrest is a pocket designed for peripherals, controllers, laptops, or even snacks! Set at the bottom of the backrest, it is within arm’s reach to optimise your convenience.

- ThunderX3 CORE Footrest
The ThunderX3 CORE Modern includes add-on comforts, as well as the integrated ergonomics. To provide outstanding neck support, there is a detachable headrest pillow. This fastens in place with a robust, elasticated strap which can be adjusted to allow for flexible placement. Semi-circular in shape, the pronounced wings and soft memory foam padding alleviate muscle pain whilst providing support for your neck and head.

For your posture, a height-adjustable, three-in-one multi-purpose footrest is included within the scope of delivery. It has a solid base with a domed cushion that has firm internal padding and a soft, yet durable cover. As a footrest, it can be used in ways, Footrest and Rocker Mode. Footrest Mode places the solid base on the ground with your feet resting on the cushioned padding. This stimulates blood circulation and helps you to maintain posture. Alternatively, Rocker Mode is the reverse, with the domed cushion on the ground and your feet on the solid surface. In this configuration, you can engage your lower leg muscles and feet.

The third use is as a wrist rest on your desk, perfect for when you are gaming with a controller.


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