TENDA Tenda Nova MW5 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Pack of 2

Tenda  Tenda Nova MW5 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Pack of 2


Tenda Nova MW5 Dual-Band Wireless Router Wi-Fi Bridge with Mesh WiFi System for Whole Home WiFi Coverage

- Gigabit ports support more than 200Mbps optical network access, two way 5G WiFi designs, 867 megabits of WiFi access intelligent terminals, ensuring full utilization of 200Mpbs optical network;
- Using Mesh technology, the main node and the child nodes are connected in pairs, distributed mesh network, multi-drop combination through the wall, 300 square meters and three walls coverage for 3 routers and max. support 600 square meters and five walls coverage for 6 routers;
- 2.4G and 5G of the MW5 master node respectively have two external FEM modules (integrated PA and receiving LNA), which can effectively enhance the signal transmission intensity and receiving sensitivity, and improve the wall penetration capability by 2 times compared with the ordinary route;
- In order to improve the performance of the antenna, the MW5 is equipped with a combiner to combine 2.4G and 5G WiFi into a dual-band antenna, and is tuned by a scientific algorithm. When the wireless signal passes through two walls, the MW5 will automatically adjust the speed to ensure the wall penetration performance;
- Optimize the matching circuit between RF and antenna, and adopt Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) technology to make full use of multi-signal superposition of wireless transmission to improve the reliability of wireless signal transmission, especially for mobile phones, iPads and other terminal devices, which can improve reception;
- Support Beamforming signal intelligent tracking technology, according to the user's location, the WiFi signal is aggregated into a beam direct access to the user's Internet access device to achieve accurate wall penetration;
- Sub-node wall-mounted design, support automatic networking, flexible addition of nodes, where the signal is not easy to access;
- Adopt 1GHz main chip, combined with MU-MIMO technology, support APP one-button to open
Product Number: 100089314
Product Code: MW5-2

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