TENDA 4MP Smart Wireless WI-FI Security 360 PTZ Pet/Baby Camera 2 Way Audio

Tenda  4MP Smart Wireless WI-FI Security 360 PTZ Pet/Baby Camera 2 Way Audio


Model: CP7
Brand: TENDA
Camera Resolution: 4MP
Camera Colour: White
Camera Lens Width: 4mm
Camera Audio Feature: 2 Way Audio
Camera Feature: Wi-Fi
Camera Power Source: 5V dc
Night Vision Feature: Infra-Red LED
Night Vision Distance: 12m

The security Pan/Tilt Camera-CP7 is a high-performance home surveillance Camera that integrates 360visual coverage with 4MP resolution. It is also featured with full-duplex two-way audio smart-motion detection/tracking sound and light alarm functions. The product is mostly used for indoor scenarios monitoring such as homes shops offices and classrooms etc. The users can access the video via wireless or wired connection to the router.

4MP Super HD Videos with more details
CP7 adopts 4MP image sensors outputs 4MP*1440? HD videos reduces noise and captures more details.

Cover Every Corner of Your Home in Super HD
High speed pan/tilt design enables flexible rotation in all directions. CP7 covers 360 horizontally and 155 vertically (90 up 65 down) which leaves zero blind zones at all.

Human Shape Detection for Safety Protection
Based on AI deep learning algorithms CP7 can detect human shape and other motion. It recognizes the movement accurately and captures suspicious status automatically and the resulting alarms will be sent to your mobile in real time.

Patrol with one click
You can set the pan/tilt patrol locations via the TDSEE App and the camera rotates cyclically according to the preset location to patrol the area.

Auto Targeting and Tracking
Based on the AI machine vision algorithms the inchSmart Tracking inch can automatically track the movements and store the video.

Active Light and Sound Alarms for Enhanced Defence
When intrusion is detected during the alert period a sound and white flashing light alarm will be triggered to warn illegal intruders. At the same time the alarm message will be sent to your mobile.

Two-Way Audio Easy Communication Anytime & Anywhere
Real-time full-duplex two-wa
Product Number: 100116964
Product Code: CP7

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