PHANTEKS D30 Reverse Airflow 120mm DRGB PWM Fan Triple Pack - Black - Special Offer

Phanteks D30 Reverse Airflow 120mm DRGB PWM Fan Triple Pack - Black  - Special Offer


Build the cleanest gaming PC with minimal cables using Phanteks D30 D-RGB fans. The Phanteks D30 fans provide exceptional performance, boasting a maximum airflow of 64.3CFM at a static air pressure of 3.01mmH2O. What’s more, D30 features an innovative daisy-chain design that lets you control up to four fans simultaneously with a single Y cable. Furthermore, the unique clip design used to daisy-chain multiple fans together, does not interfere with any mounting hardware, making these fans ideal for any build. Additionally, you’ll be able to create a seamless clean aesthetic for your fans thanks to screw covers and clips. Thanks to their reverse airflow design, these D30 fans can be utilised for air intake and a more streamlined aesthetic. Moreover, D30 fans come equipped with beautiful D-RGB lighting, with both lighting strips built into the frames, and Phanteks HALOS lighting ring integrated into the fans.

Innovative daisy-chain design
Clean aesthetic with clips and covers to hide screw holes and bridges
30mm thickness provides exceptional performance when coupled with a radiator
Maximum airflow of 61.5CFM, with a static air pressure of 2.72mmH2O
Reverse airflow design allows for air intake without placing fan cage on display
Innovative RGB with unique HALOS lighting ring
Phanteks D30 fans have been designed to provide exceptional performance alongside offering beautiful aesthetics. The D30 is 30mm high, which is 5mm thicker than standard case fans. This allows these fans to reach astounding levels of performance. Thanks to the extra 5mm, they can maintain this performance even when coupled with radiators or mesh covers which restrict airflow. In fact, the D30 fan can reach an astounding airflow of 61.5CFM, while maintaining a static pressure of 2.72mmH2O, and still be whisper quiet producing just 31.8dB(A).

Furthermore, the reverse airflow design of the D30 fan allows you to utilise them as aesthetically pleasing air intakes. By reversing the fan blades, instead of drawing air from the fan side and exhausting through the cage, air is drawn through the cage and exhausted out through the fan side. Thus, when installed as air intakes, the unsightly fan cage can be masked out of sight while still achieving fantastic airflow.

When you utilise multiple fans within your case to create airflow, cable clutter is an almost guaranteed. D30 fans circumnavigate this problem with an innovative daisy-chain design that lets you control up to four fans with a single Y cable. The D30 contacts are integrated into the corners of the fan frame, which are easily connected using a unique clip design. Not only do these clips create the electronic contact between fans, but also serve to link fans together and hide the seam, for a unified aesthetic. This unique design allows the D30 to be easily mountable within a case, without them interfering with hardware such as radiator fittings. You can further hide the seam between fans and hide unsightly screws, as the D30 comes with a range of screw covers that easily clip into place over the mounting positions.

Phanteks D30 fans look fantastic from any angle, thanks to their vivid RGB lighting. To achieve the fantastic RGB effects, Phanteks has utilised their HALOS lighting technology. This stylish design places a ring of LEDs around the edge of the blades. The light produced by these LEDs is then reflected off the fan blades for a brighter and smoother effect than standard RGB lighting. Furthermore, the D30 also includes several light diffusers around the frame of the fan which captures the light produced by the HALOS LEDs for a unified effect, which can be chained over multiple fans.

The Phanteks D30 fans’ RGB lighting is easy to control, as they utilise a standard 3-pin JST connector. Thanks to this ubiquitous connection, you can connect your D30 fans to any Phanteks D-RGB products, such as controllers and cases. A physical remote allows you to control all aspects of your RGB lighting such as colour, lighting effects, and speed with a few button presses. Alternatively, the 3-pin connector also allows you to connect the D30 fans to your motherboard, for software control with popular options including ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.

Colour    Black Frame / White Blades
Dimensions    120mm x 120mm x 30mm (WxHxD)
Speed    250 - 2000 + 10% RPM
Airflow    61.5CFM
Static Pressure    2.72mmH2O
Noise    31.8dB(A)
Fan Power Draw    0.20A
D-RGB Power Draw    0.18A
Connectors    4-pin PWM
3-pin JST, daisy-chain
Cable Length    PWM
D-RGB 500 + 100mm, daisy chain
Package Contents    3 x D30 120mm fan
2 x Corner Clip Cable
2 x Bridge Clip Connector
6 x Cornet Clip
2 x Bridge Clip
4 x Bridge Screw Cover
4 x Left Corner Screw Cover
4 x Right Corner Screw Cover
12 x Fan Screws
12 x Radiator Screws
D-RGB Motherboard Adapter

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