LIAN LI Strimer V2 ARGB 3x8-Pin to 12+4-Pin 12VHPWR extension cable

Lian Li Strimer V2 ARGB 3x8-Pin to 12+4-Pin 12VHPWR extension cable



Take your case lighting to a new level with the Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 power extension cable. The Strimer Plus V2 combines a high-quality 12VHPWR cable with a vivid ARGB lighting strip. With this setup, you can bring RGB lighting to every corner of your gaming PC. Not only does the Strimer V2 feature beautiful lighting, but exceptional power delivery, too. Crystal clear clips are included, to aid in keeping the RGB strip in line with the power cable. Additionally, both black and white clips are included within scope of delivery, meaning the Strimer V2 will blend seamlessly with any aesthetic. This extension cable is both easy to install and control, thanks to its highly flexible construction and included 3-pin ARGB adapter.

3x8-Pin to 12+4-Pin 12VHPWR cable with ARGB lighting
108 vibrant RGB LEDs
Eight RGB lighting strips
UV resistant coasting to prevent yellowing over time
Black and white clips included to match any builds aesthetic
16AWG gauge wire rated for 600W power delivery
The Lian Li Strimer V2 brings vibrant RGB lighting to all corners of your gaming PC. The Strimer V2 is an outstanding method to deliver power within your build. In fact, thanks to its 16AWG gauge wire, each cable is rated to deliver an astounding 600W of power, ideal for delivering 12VHPWR to your NVIDIA RTX 4000 series GPU. With their highly flexible construction utilising silicon and TPE, these cables are ideal for any build. Furthermore, each cable is secured tightly together with a series of clips. Moreover, with crystal-clear clips for the RGB lighting zones, and both white and black options for the connectors, a Strimer cable will look amazing in any build.

What’s more the ARGB lighting of the Lian Li Strimer V2 has received several improvements. Each cable now has a side light strip, ensuring these cables will look fantastic from any angle. Additionally, the diffuser

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