DUCKY One 3 Cosmic Mini 60% USB RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Silent Red Switch - UK Layout Special Offer - Hurry Ends Cyber Monday

Ducky One 3 Cosmic Mini 60% USB RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Silent Red Switch - UK Layout  Special Offer - Hurry  Ends Cyber Monday


Level up your aesthetics with the Ducky One 3 Keyboard. This mechanical keyboard sports vibrant colouring from bezel to keycaps. Equipped with Ducky’s innovative Quack Mechanics, enjoy a superior typing experience with great accuracy, comfort, and satisfying feedback. With its modern styling and optimised construction, the Ducky One 3 is a fine addition to any gaming environment.

Exciting new colourways: Mist Grey and Cosmic Blue
Harnesses Ducky’s innovative Quack Mechanics
Double-shot keycaps arranged in UK ISO layout
Hot-swapping technology
Detachable USB-C braided cable
Even weight distribution and lowered case height for enhanced stability
The Ducky One 3 is built with the same Quack Mechanic philosophy. Each keyboard is built with a solid stance, authentic acoustics, balanced tuning, and double-shot keycaps.

Solid stance refers to the redefined weight distribution. The Ducky One 3 has better weight distribution, with more weight to the back of the case. Plus, the overall height has been reduced. As a result, the stability of the keyboard has greatly improved. The Ducky One 3 will stand firm and glow brightly, whether you are conducting intense battle or are in an inspired writing frenzy.

Authentic acoustics are achieved by the innovative combination of a multi-layered EVA foam pad under the PCB and Q-Bounce pads. Manufactured from 17 different types of rubber, the Q-Bounce pads are located directly within the PCB. These components are intelligently constructed to reduce unwanted noise whilst also enhancing the raw acoustics of your chosen switch. Plus, they cushion the impact of typing, thus creating less strain on your hands and wrists.

Balanced tuning is utilised throughout the Ducky One 3, thanks to premium in-house stabilisers. Precision engineered, these stabilisers create consistent and responsive feedback, due to the synthetic materials and lubrication used in their construction. Enjoy an exceptional typing experience in both work and play!

The double-shot keycaps are manufactured from highly durable, stain resistant plastic. With their frosted surface texture, your grip on these keys will never falter. Plus, they utilise a unique block style which is thoroughly modern and emphasises the RGB lighting. Being double-shot moulded, each keycap is made in two layers, encasing the legend within the whole item rather than printed on top. This, too, helps maintain the integrity of the keycap. What’s more, there are a selection of novelty keycaps included within the scope of delivery, to add a splash of colour.

The Ducky One 3’s stand-out feature is the outstanding aesthetics, available in two new colours. This model is Cosmic Blue, an out of this world blend of blue and black, accented by red and RGB lighting. The blue top frame serves as the perfect backdrop for this stylish colourway.

Additionally, the Ducky One 3 is available in four sizes. This model is Mini (60%) and arranged in a UK ISO layout.

The Ducky One 3 features hot-swappable switch sockets, allowing you to perfectly craft the keyboard’s feedback. As standard, each model is equipped with one type of mechanical switch, but you can swap them out for a variety to best match your play style. No soldering required.

There are a variety of switches to choose from, differing in feedback, actuation force, and audibility. This model comes equipped with Cherry MX Silent Red switches. Primed for gaming, these switches have linear feedback and a short pre-travel distance of 1.9mm to optimise them for fast-paced AAA titles. They have a 45g actuation force and no audible click.

The Ducky One 3 has been primed for gaming and typing, alike. Equipped with a dual-layer PCB, this gaming keyboard has great longevity and enhanced signal stability. This keyboard offers both N-key and 6-key rollover, enabling you to make simultaneous key presses with accuracy. What’s more, with macro-remapping, you can craft a keyboard to perfectly suit your needs.

Additionally, there are ease-of-use features on the Ducky One 3 which add to its appeal. The underside features feet that can be extended out, to adjust the keyboard’s overall angle. Lie it flat or choose between the two stages offered, whichever suits you best. The Ducky One 3 will always stand firm, thanks to the included rubber grips on every setting.

Plus, the USB cable is fully detachable, facilitating easy transport for LAN players or gamers on the go. It is a USB-C to USB-A braided cable, with a polling rate of 1000Hz to reduce latency. Even better, a silicon cable tidy is included so you never have to worry about tangled wires!

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