THERMALTAKE TtMod Sleeved Cable Black + Orange Kit

Thermaltake  TtMod Sleeved Cable Black + Orange Kit


TtMod Sleeve Cable - Orange / Black

Customise your system build with the Thermaltake sleeved modular cable set. With a three-layered design: Outer ultra-density weaving, the middle insulating layer with acid and alkali-resistance, fuel resistance, damp proof, and mildew proof features and an inner certified 16 AWG wire, the TtMod Sleeve Cable combo pack offers users more flexibility for easy installation as well as a clean and professional look. The new individually sleeved cables are heat-shrink free to ensure high-quality cable assembly and support for high currents in order to achieve superior performance and stability. There are four colour combos to choose from including Blue / Black, Red / Black, Green / Black and Orange / Black adding to the neat and aesthetic appeal of the chassis.

Key Features

•Tidy and Clean Cable Management - Cable combs with rounded edges provide a professional look and easy installation. Each comb can be placed individually along the cable for proper fitment and routing. Improve the overall airflow and case clutter with premium routing of each cable for an ideal presentation.

•Three-Layered Weaving Design - By using the most stringent manufacturing procedures and standards, the insulating layer delivers perfect uniform insulation thickness to ensure easy stripping and cutting. Furthermore, all cables are built with high-quality 16 AWG wires and ultra-density cable sleeving to deliver a superior electrical connection. The three-layer weaving design delivers appropriate bending stiffness for easy installation. The outer layer: Ultra-density sleeve design, the middle layer: Insulating layer and the inner layer: 16 AWG wire.

•Vivid Multi-Coloured Selections - The TtMod Sleeve Cable combo pack is available in four colour combos: Red / Black, Orange / Black, Green / Black and Blue / Black, providing a professional multi-coloured sleeved cable layout. Gain a professional look with all black connectors and a dual colour sleev
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