THERMALTAKE CL-W107-PL12SW-A Water 3.0 Rgb Fans 240Mm Water Cooling System With Radiator

Thermaltake CL-W107-PL12SW-A Water 3.0 Rgb Fans 240Mm Water Cooling System With Radiator


Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240

Designed to meet the demands of enthusiasts, Thermaltake releases the latest Water 3.0 Riing RGB Series, a RGB 256 colors all-in-one liquid cooler with dual 120mm powerful high static pressure fans and a smart fan controller. Choose from 240mm and 360mm highly-efficient radiators to control any escalating CPU temperatures. The new All-In-One LCS Water 3.0 Riing RGB is designed to exceed user expectations.

Key Features

•Tt LCS Certified - “Tt LCS Certified” is the hallmark that ensures first-class performance from the best features and fitment. A certification exclusive to Thermaltake, it sets the benchmark for all true LCS chassis and is applied only to products that meet our stringent design standards for delivering what hardcore enthusiasts demand. The Tt LCS certification is a way for Thermaltake to designate to all power users the chassis which have been tested for best compatibility with extreme liquid cooling configurations.

•Smart Fan Controller - A self-contained fan controller can switch between 5 LED modes including solid colours of red, blue, white and green or disable and cycle through 256 colors. Play/Pause functions allow users to cycle colours (The colour remains unchanged even after the PC has been turned off or rebooted) with speed control options which reduce noise even more and all from your fingertips.

•Riing 12 LED RGB 256 Colours Radiator Fan - The patented circular 256 multi-coloured 120mm RGB radiator fans with high-static pressure design, producing impressive cooling performance.

•High Efficiency Radiator - Special designed 240mm large surface radiator not only doubles the cooling surface, but also supports up to 4 x 120mm fans for additional heat dissipation.

•Durable Sleeved Cable and High Performance Waterblock - The high performance copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity. Additionally, the pre-refilled coolant reduces any stress from liquid replenishment hassle.

•High Relia

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