LIAN LI Lancool 215 Midi Tower ARGB, Tempered Glass Black

Lian Li  Lancool 215 Midi Tower ARGB, Tempered Glass Black


The LANCOOL 215 from Lian Li is a modern Mid Tower. It has a solid steel construction with a removable front cover. The tempered glass side panel provides a clear view into the case, so that the installed hardware can be displayed. A dual and triple radiator can be mounted to the roof and front. With its excellent cooling properties the LANCOOL 215 enables high-performance PC gaming.

The Lian Li LANCOOL 215 Mid Tower at a Glance:
High-quality Mid Tower made for motherboards up to E-ATX
Tempered glass side panel
Modular dust filters on the bottom and roof
Suitable for graphics cards up to 370mm long
Accommodates one 360 mm and one 280 mm radiator
Including two large ARGB fans at the front and standard fan at the back
Illuminated logo with digitally addressable RGB lighting
Up to four drives such as SSDs and hard drives can be installed
LANCOOL 215: Mid Tower for Air and Water Cooling
This Mid Tower case supports both all-in-one and custom liquid cooling options. For those who rely on classic air cooling the LANCOOL 215 is great because it accommodates a total of six fans. The front supports three fans, the roof two, and the rear one fan. Alternatively, you can use two 140 mm fans on the front and roof. The case comes with two 200 mm fans with digitally addressable RGB lighting and one black 120 mm fan pre-installed. CPU coolers with a maximum height of 160 mm are supported.

Lian Li has designed the LANCOOL 215 with water cooling in mind. The case supports one 360 or 280 mm radiator on the front and one 240 mm or 280 mm radiator on the roof. In the front, a 360 mm radiator can be used alongside the pre-installed 200 mm fans since the fans are mounted on the outside and the screws won’t get in the way.

Stylish yet Functional Design
The LANCOOL 215 was specifically designed for cooling high-performance hardware and supports significant airflow. The front cover has mesh inlets, while the back, roof, and bottom all have ventilation holes. A magnetic du