KOLINK Citadel Micro ATX Gaming Case - Black Tempered Glass Side Window

Kolink  Citadel Micro ATX Gaming Case - Black Tempered Glass Side Window


Citadel Micro-ATX Case - Black
The Kolink Citadel Micro-ATX case has a reserved and ascetic exterior that conceals a surprising amount of space and features within. In the front and on the roof, despite the diminutive form factor, users will be pleased to know that radiators up to 240 mm are supported. The left side panel is made from tinted tempered glass and this helps give the compact case an attractive modern look. The sleek plastic front has the appearance of brushed aluminium and this complements the overall aesthetic of the Kolink Citadel Micro-ATX case nicely. The open roof of the case has a dust filter below which is located a stylish honeycomb-style mesh. The Kolink Citadel Micro-ATX case is ideal for all those that want the most powerful hardware possible while looking good at the same time.
The Kolink Citadel Micro-ATX Case at a Glance:
Sleek design with tempered glass side panel and roof with mesh
Space for a 240 mm radiator in the front and roof
Space for up to 350 mm long graphics cards and CPU coolers up to 160 mm
Two pre-installed 120 mm fans in the front and rear
Dust filters in the roof and base
Value-Oriented Micro-ATX Case from Kolink for Gamers
The Kolink Citadel is a great value Micro-ATX case for gamers. It supports graphics cards up to 35 cm in length. In order to raise the overall gaming potential of the case yet further, the front of the case also supports a 240 mm radiator of an AIO watercooler, thereby keeping the CPU as cooler as possible during intense gaming sessions. CPU tower-style coolers can be up to 160mm tall.

Despite the front being made of plastic, it enjoys the look of brushed aluminium and this contributes significantly to the overall reserved and minimalist aesthetic of the case. A side-facing fan inlet enables excellent airflow, with the fine honeycomb mesh also adding a certain flair. In terms of fans, the front allows for up to three 120 mm- or two 140 mm fans, a 120 mm fan does come pre-installed however.

Product Number: 100087401
Product Code: CA-03K-KK

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