KFA2 338NWM3MD99NK Geforce RTX 3080 OC 10Gb GDDR6x PCI-Express Graphics Card

KFA2 338NWM3MD99NK Geforce RTX 3080 OC 10Gb GDDR6x PCI-Express Graphics Card


Maximum 1 card per customer


KFA2 SG series bring unique and new features to their RTX 30 series.

New Era of cooling fan size. WINGS 92mm, WINGS 102mm. We will drive a new cooling standing in the market. Unique to KFA2 also equipped with the Proprietary WINGS Fan Blades, that produce higher air flow from standard fans. This will be included in most EX, EX Gamer, SG, series.

XT App, is something to watch out for where the app allows connection via WIFI and allow the user to 1 click oc 1 click tune RGB, and will have further roadmap on the later release with more RGB control supporting more KFA2 side products as a solution.

KFA2 has the brand-new 1-Clip Booster on the new SG series graphics cards. It is an additional fan that would be bundled with the GPU and it is optional for users to install at their discretion.

1-Clip Booster has 80mm size with the "WINGS" fan blades, 22mm X 98mm in height and length and is 192mm away measured from the graphics bracket. User need to check with the shell case space available to decide install the 1-Clip Booster.

1-Clip Booster can be installed at the back plate and it is the precision and quality that win. When the fan is at the back the PCB is in fact much shorter than the cooler and the key is to allow air to flow as easy as they could, therefore KFA2 built larger holes that allows air to flow through to fulfil the first requirement.
Apart from that, the advantage of adding a fan on the back plate, the 1-Clip booster fan design sucks the air out instead of blowing the air in, creating a technically-correct push-pull cooling effects. When this additional fan is used, it can achieve better performance as if a GPU running with a normal back plate.

- 1 CLIP BOOSTER (before named as Clip on "3D Push-Pull Plus Cooling"). A unique feature that allow user to 1 CLIP to install the Add-on cooler at the backplate to better cooling performance.
- Increase the air flow inside the PC case, can achieve 3-5 degree temperature lower
- 3 x 11 blades KFA2 Patented pending "WINGS" fan blades (same design with WTF series) enhance air flow performance.
- KFA2 is creating a new era of Cooling FAN size. Featuring WINGS 92mm FAN size. A new trend we create in the market.
- SG series setup is based on 92mm x 92mm x 92mm (3 x fan) setup.
- Top RGB FAN Led
- 3 x DP + 1 x HDMI



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