ALPHACOOL Eiskoffer Basic Bending Kit with Carry Case

Alphacool  Eiskoffer Basic Bending Kit with Carry Case


Eiskoffer Basic Bending Kit with Carry Case

More and more friends of water cooling rely on HardTubes for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. It is important that the pipes are bent to fit the water cycle. To make this possible, the Alphacool Eiskoffer Case Basic contains a large number of tools to optimally bend the HardTubes. It only needs a hot air gun and a saw to saw the HardTubes to the desired length. This not only provides a great look for water cooling, but also makes assembling water cooling much easier.

The case contains two differently sized circular arch and two multi-sheet feeder. This makes it easy to make all desired angles. All feeders are designed for Hard Tubes with an outside diameter of 13 or 16 mm. In order to measure the correct length when bending, two fitting stops are included. These simulate the depth of the fittings. Two additional investors with pen stop can be used in many ways. Either as a support to realize several bending radii at the same time, or as an end point.

All investors and stops can be bolted to any wooden board. The matching wood screws are included in the set. To ensure bending of the HardTubes for water cooling, two 80 cm long Bending Inserts are available for Hard Tubes with 10 and 13 mm inner diameter. This avoids kinking of the HardTubes when bending. Of course, a deburrer may not be missing in such a set. This is important to round off the cut edges of the HardTubes. Only then can the HardTube be pushed neatly into the fitting without the risk of damaging the O-rings in the fitting. The functions of all included tools are described extensively in the enclosed manual.

The whole tool comes in a sturdy flight case. So that the tool is safely stowed in the flight case, all tools are embedded in thick foam. Thus, the tool can always be packed back clean at the end of the work and the suitcase can be neatly stowed in the desired location.

With the Icecases Basic you get a perfect basis to design the HardT
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